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Aube TRIAC thermostats for electric heating

Aube TRIAC thermostats feature electronic switching with no moving parts. Electronic (TRIAC) switching enables these thermostats to operate on 15-second heating cycles, which means the thermostat reads temperatures and makes adjustments to a baseboard's output every 15 seconds. This ensures outstanding accuracy and no temperature swings.

(By comparison, conventional bimetallic thermostats operate on much longer heating cycles, resulting in temperature swings of 2°C / 3.5°F or greater.)

The precision of Aube TRIAC thermostats not only increases your comfort, it also cuts your heating bills by up to 10% because you aren't continually raising your thermostat to offset uncomfortable temperature dips. What's more, because TRIAC models have no moving parts, there is no annoying "clicking" sound as with conventional thermostats.


Aube TRIAC thermostats:


(Available only through authorized dealers)
TH106   TH108
(Available only through authorized dealers)
(Available only through authorized dealers)

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